Wolfeboro Nordic Meisters Time Trial Series

  • Who: Any Wolfeboro XC-Ski Association member. If you have a seasons pass, you can compete.
  • What: A weekly freestyle (skate or classic) self timed trial.
  • Where: Sewall Woods trail network. Course will start and finish at the warming hut. See course description below.
  • When: Every Thursday(can’t do thu. any day is fine) throughout the winter at any time of day convenient for you.
  • Why: For Fun! To gauge your own ability and improvement throughout the season.

How it works: Time yourself. Hit start when you start and stop when you have completed the course.

Log your name, course time, time of day, and a brief description of the course conditions in the log located in the Sewall Woods warming hut.

That’s it! At the end of the season we will tally up the times and declare winners, maybe.

The course:
Start and finish outside of the warming room on the opposite side of the stone wall next to the signs and kiosk.

The course will run counter-clockwise around the outer perimeter of the Sewall woods network.

Make all right hand turns the whole way except for at the Internet trail.

Please use caution! There will be other skiers on the course who are not racing. The course is about 6.4 kilometers(4mi) long.
See the map below for the course.