*Trail Conditions Report

 30km Trails Groomed Daily

Date of Report: 12/6/18

Total KM Open: 0

Total KM Groomed: 0

KM Track Set: 0

KM Skate Groomed: 0

Total KM Snowshoe Trails Open: 20k wet areas on some sections of the snowshoe trails.

*Ski Base: A little thin and boney subsurface obstacles do exist. Wet areas and bare spots.

*Reporters Comments: Hut at Sewall Woods closed today.

PLEASE! No bikes, walking or dogs allowed during ski season!

*This report reflects the conditions at time of report due to changing weather and ski conditions, temps, usage and subsurface obstacles etc. conditions may vary.

Testimonial “I live here in Wolfeboro and have an annual pass for several years. It wasn’t until I nordic skied in Maine and Utah did I truly appreciate the conditions that we have locally. In both Maine and Utah, there was plenty of snow but the trails were just not groomed regularly due to a combination of poor equipment and poor conditions. I have to say that Wolfeboro XC has the equipment, care and concern to deal with all the nasty conditions that New England can throw at it. Thanks for this local gem!”